There will be challenges in our business and personal lives. However we can not let them get the best of us and cause focus to be shifted away from our goals. Whatever the obstacle, Run Life's Course is a motivating force to help you get over the hurdle and realize that quitting is not an option.

Whatever your challenge, let's Run Life's Course together!

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The Course

Success is experienced when opportunity meets preparation, persistence, and prayer.

Make no apologies for your success. Contrary to others' belief, it was not luck. We have all had moments where we wanted to quit because things did not turn out the way we planned. Setbacks and disappointments are part of the course. They should empower you to introspect, reflect, and improve. They should teach you to select your friends more wisely, spend money less freely, curb your tongue in both private and professional environments, know when to operate in silence, identify when to stay low-key, reserve what you say to loved ones, stand against others taking advantage of kindness, and learn when to close the door so new opportunities can arise.

Success comes along the course if you practice these 4 D's:

1) Definition - State a vision and what it means to accomplish short-term and long-term goals. Know who you are and let nothing or no one define you.
2) Discernment - If you can't discern, get a friend with a discerning spirit. Not everyone that smiles with you is supportive of your dreams. Weed out "users", "abusers", and "losers".
3) Discipline - Dedicate time daily or weekly preparing to achieve goals within your vision. Do not expect it to be given. Prepare and be ready for the opportunity.
4) Diligence - Work hard and take the required actions to make things happen. Let nothing distract the vision. Work ethic determines a strong finish.
It's winding, long, exhausting, and makes us think we should give up but you are in the home stretch now - FINISH THE COURSE!!!