The Wow Factor Internship Program

Student Athletes - Ages 11 - 15

Being a student athlete requires a commitment to being a student first to be eligible to be an athlete for a school. Time management, teamwork and hard work are the normal requirements to showcase your athletic ability. Now spend your summer focused on both sharpening your mind and your athletic ability.

If you are a student athlete who participates in a sport in school or as an extracurricular activity and have at least a B+ (85) average, we encourage you to apply for our summer intensive program that focuses in one of three areas - math, mobile app development or social media marketing.  In addition all student athletes will participate in conditioning programs with renowned pro athlete trainers to improve their athletic performance.

All students will gain valuable experience that will help them become better analytical thinkers and allow them to showcase their newfound talent in the sports industry. Applications are due by April 15th for the six week NYC summer program that starts on July 1st. Applications are due by July 21st for the intensive end of summer three week Los Angeles program that starts on August 1st.

Three weeks accommodation and meals are provided in addition to a stipend for out-of-state students for the Los Angeles intensive. Please send your request for application to youngintern at therlcgroup dot com and submit transcripts proving the GPA electronically or via mail to Summer Interns, The RLC Group, Inc., 324 S. Beverly 173, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.