Multiple Service Offering (MSO), Entertainment and Film Production Conglomerates all focus on the bottom line - what and who sells, which products interest consumers the most, and the forecasting of future sales. We help both large and independent companies and entertainers plan for their long-term success instead of only survival.

Planning for the Future

Data Insights

What do the customers, industry, vendors, and fans think of you? Whether you are the MSO conglomerate, television network, reality show, or artist, some key indicators will determine how relevant, likeable, sellable, marketable, and sustaining you are.

The RLC Group gathers all the data from social media networks, internal systems, and product order data to provide a predictive analysis on how far you go status quo or with major change. Give The RLC Group 4 weeks and you'll know just where you stand.

Dynamic Reactions

Real-Time Interactions

Social media has trumped word-of-mouth as the biggest method to vocalize dissatisfaction. Turn a rant into a rave by acting quickly once an issue occurs with dynamic offers that retain the customer and maintain your good reputation.

The RLC Group identifies the problem, initiates an online campaign of unique product offers or discounts to soothe the issue, and provides you time to put the proper procedures in place to ensure it does not happen again. A fan/customer saved is more than a penny earned.