The Wow Factor App - Tracking Brand Recognition to Increase Revenue Revolution

Master Your Viability

Increase your WOW factor with the only application available on tablet devices to gauge influence factor (who listens to you), endorsement power (what companies believe your brand is worth associating their name) and net worth fluctuations (the increase and decline of all reported sources of income). 

B.Line is the first platform that puts, at your fingertips, all the data an executive, athlete, or entertainer needs to take brand awareness to revenue recognition, while allowing a view into income and spending.

For an athelete or entertainer, there is money to be made while in the limelight but there must be a staying power to make money after the limelight.  That's what separates the ones that catapulted to success and still have residual income from those that spend recklessly and have nothing to show for it. 

Now we have created the solution that great agents and business managers want their clients to have access to - B.Line.  It further provides the real-time data to show how to improve fan engagement, loyalty, and branding to master your viability long-term.

Why not commit today to this small investment to determine the likelihood of revenue possibility!

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