Every team must maximize sales to support the costs of building new stadiums and training facilities and acquiring/retaining top talent. With easy access to online viewing of sporting events, filling the stands can be difficult. The RLC Group offers product management that blends the digital and stadium experience to increase sales opportunities.


Strategy is just as important in sports as any other industry. Processes can always be improved to provide input for better decision-making. The RLC Group focuses on process improvements, personnel development and specialized athlete-specific research to give the organization the contending edge.

Athlete Evaluation

Analytics is a sports buzz word but it cannot replace traditional film study and visits to evaluate athletic ability. The RLC Group provides consultants who know both the sport and recognize nuances of functional performance required to play on a professional level. The outcome is a well-rounded view of performance - position and athlete specific - to make solid decisions.

Building Championship Teams

Whether an individual or team sport, the right people must be in place to create a champion. The RLC Group puts a high-performance playbook together to incorporate the most appropriate athletic trainers and player personnel associates and implement the most effective marketing and sponsorship to maximize interest and upsell.