The RLC Group is a championship-minded management consulting company that strategizes the use of data and technology to pivot businesses and teams for less risk and greater success. Powered by professionals across multiple industries, the RLC Group provides both practical and analytical experience to solve standard and unique problems.


What do the customers, industry, vendors, and fans think of you? Whether you are the MSO conglomerate, television network, or artist, some key indicators will determine how relevant, likeable, sellable, marketable, and sustaining a business or personality is. Trends provide the measures to make smart decisions to stay the course or pivot.


There are always better products to get more efficient results. We have ways to measure performance and predictability based on existing patterns, expected behavior, and analysis of effectiveness of team leaders and members. Our proprietary tool, RM IQ, can prevent costly problems.

Sports Analytics

Whether it's what play to run on the 4th down, which player will be most successful in a draft, how high school performance will translate to college dominance, we have custom algorithms for football, soccer and boxing, to name a few.


Purpose drives our profit. We focus on two areas - empowering new entrepreneurs with our To is Through program and eradicating homelessness by organizing our Run Life's Course national running competitions that benefit organizations that provide career training, job placement and housing assistance.


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